Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Trip To Casa de San Pedro With Friends - Poems By Jim Blackburn - Gila Woodpecker - May 2016

Gila Woodpecker 

Sitting around the pool 
at Casa de San Pedro 
Watching the sun go down. 
The sun is departing but not without
A few final rays that highlight the leafless limbs
That call out to the Gila Woodpecker,
Inviting it to come and sit in the light 
That shows off its beautiful red top
And black and white striped back,
A woodpecker that voices its harsh
Quirr, quirr, quirr, 
Telling any living thing around that life is good
On the San Pedro River,
Inviting us to come down tomorrow morning
And explore the bounty that lies outside
The Casa de San Pedro. 

Later, eating Mexican food,
We plan for the next day, 
Meeting at 6:15 for a hike along the river, 
A hike of introduction, of celebration, 
A hike about life and living things
Along the green strip within the brown
And foreboding desert
That surrounds us,
Here at the Casa de San Pedro 
Watching the Gila Woodpeckers 
With friends.

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